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Easter Proclamation (Exsultet) – New Translation (Roman Missal 3rd Edition) Practice Recording

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Chant for the Dismissal for Easter Vigil and Easter Octave

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Chant for Dismissal

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Chant for the procession during the Easter Vigil

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March 26, 2016 at 7:04 am

Chant for the Blessing of the Fire and Preparation of the Candle

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Chant Resources for the Easter Vigil

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Some parts of the Easter Vigil celebration which should be sung or chanted:

The Easter Vigil in the Holy Night
The Blessing of the Fire and Preparation of the Candle pdf Quicktime Audioquicktime
Procession pdf quicktime
The Paschal Proclamation (Longer Form) pdf Quicktime Audioquicktime
Baptismal Liturgy
Litany pdf Quicktime Audioquicktime
Blessing of Baptismal Water pdf Quicktime Audioquicktime
The Blessing of Water Quicktime Audioquicktime
Antiphon: I Saw Water Quicktime Audioquicktime
Antiphon: I Saw Water (high key) Quicktime Audioquicktime
Dismissal pdf
High Key Quicktime Audioquicktime
Low Key Quicktime Audioquicktime

Visit NPM (The National Association of Pastoral Musicians) official website as your chant resources for the Easter Vigil celebration

Pastoral Guidelines on Holy Saturday

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Circular Letter Concerning the Preparation and Celebration of the Easter Feasts (Prot. 0) January 16, 1988 by Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship gives pastoral guidelines on Holy Saturday:

73. On Holy Saturday, the Church is, as it were, at the Lord’s tomb, meditating on his passion and death and on his descent into hell, awaiting his resurrection with prayer and fasting. It is highly recommended that on this day, the Office of Readings and Morning Prayer be celebrated with the participation of the people (cf. n.40). [76] Where this cannot be done, there should be some celebration of the word of God or some act of devotion suited to the mystery celebrated this day.

74. The image of Christ crucified or lying in the tomb or the descent into hell, which mystery Holy Saturday recalls, as also an image of the sorrowful Virgin Mary, can be placed in the church for the veneration of the faithful.

75. On this day, the Church abstains strictly from celebration of the sacrifice of the Mass. [77] Holy Communion may only be given in the form of Viaticum. The celebration of marriages is forbidden, as is also the celebration of other sacraments, except those of penance and the anointing of the sick.

76. The faithful are to be instructed on the special character of Holy Saturday. [78] Festive customs and traditions associated with this day because of the former practice of anticipating the celebration of Easter on Holy Saturday should be reserved for Easter night and the day that follows.

Source: Liturgical Library